Cancellation of 11am Mass

CANCELLATION of the 11:00am mass will take effect on 9th January 2022 REVERTING to only ONE mass at 8:00am.

Due to the above, there will be changes to the check in process as follows:

  • Attendances are no longer tracked and monitored. Cancellation of passes will no longer be applicable.
  • Parishioners’ virtual pass will no longer be tied to any zones/seats. However it will not be free seating but parishioners will be assigned to the next available zone when they check in at the counter.
  • The newly issued virtual passes will now only show a SERIAL NUMBER, in addition to name, MyKad and contact numbers.
  • The virtual passes are to be used as a method for contact tracing only in case the need arises.


  1. Parishioners check in at the counter.
  2. Show their virtual pass with the serial number which will be recorded in the zone log box indicating the zones that they will go to.
  3. A paper card indicating the zone will be given to the parishioner.
  4. Parishioners to proceed to their assigned zones with the assistance of the wardens.
  5. For those unregistered, they will need to write their details in the log book and will be seated in the hall area.
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